Cellphone Phone GSM Remote Control 3 Sockets Smart Socket Power Switch

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Cellphone Phone GSM Remote Control 3 Sockets Smart Socket Power Switch

Model SC3-GSM
Shell Material ABS
Rated current 10A
Rated Power 2200W
Supply Voltage 90-245V AC
GSM Frequency 900/1800MHz
Load Each SW<10A, all SW<16A
Temperature Range -10° C - 55° C

Air conditioning, electric heater, server, relay station, TV, electric water heaters, rice cookers, water dispenser, lamps speakers...

1. GSM card requirements: global GSM standard SIM card can be used, currently does not support 3G or CDMA card, please activate the new SIM before insert the device.
2. Do not placed the GSM switch in the tin trunk or metal enclosed environment, this will cause the signal can not access GSM network or worse, affect the actual use.
3. Caller ID display must be turned on, ensure SIM card has sufficient balance in order to call and send text messages.
4. When the signal is weak in some environment, there will let SMS controlled insensitive, and this is normal. Because the message communication needs transit point forward, it will send to the other number on time when in a good signal. In such circumstances, if you want set the master number, consider to use SET button to set master number will be more efficient.
5. SMS or phone in the control, not to operate the buttons at the same time, this will cause system instability.
6. Using the product should pay attention to moisture, limited to indoor use. Power do not work more than 2200W, inductive load power by half. Rated voltage is 110V-220V, please use in a safe environment, to ensure safety.
7. This product can only control the power supply switched on or off, do not have other functions. For some electrical appliances, such as some air-conditioning to maintain the function is not powered off, re-connect the power, will not immediately work. For the state to maintain electrical power, such as most of the TV, stereo can immediately work.
8. This product works with 110V-220V AC voltage range, can not be used in cars, or other voltage environment.

Package Included:
1x Smart Socket (Instruction manual included)


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