5(65)A 230V 50HZ Single Phase Din Rail KWH Watt Hour Energy Meter

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5(65)A 230V 50HZ Single Phase Din Rail KWH Watt Hour Energy Meter

DDS238-2 SW type singe phase din rail kwh  meter adopts advanced microcomputer processing system, is designed to measure single phase two wire AC active energy and variable parameter, has the advantages of simple circuit, high reliability and high accuracy.
Advanced technology design of its software, hardware and structure, high measuring accuracy.
With  the single chip microcomputer, it can measuring the current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency.  Good  anti-interference and attack prevention performance , wide working temperature range.
It is a long life meter with the advantage of high stability , high over load capability , low power loss and small volume .

Model DDS238-2 SW
Standard IEC 62053-21 (IEC61036) DL/T645-2007
Rate voltage 230V
Working voltage range 120/220/230/240V (0.8-1.15Un)
Rate Current 5(65)A       Works from 20mA to 65A
Frequency 50Hz
Connection Mode Direct Type
Display LCD
Accuracy class 1.0
Power consumption <2W/10VA
Start current 0.004Ib
Constant 1600 imp/kWh
Pulse output Passive pulse, pulse width is 80+5 ms
Work temperature -25℃+70℃
Outline dimension LXMXH 90x35x60mm
Weight 150G

Basic Function:
LCD display with backlight
Bi-directional total active energy ,reverse active energy measure in the total active energy
The meter also display real voltage , real current , real power , real power factor , real frequency
Pulse LED indicates working of meter .Pulse output with optical coupling isolation
35mm din rail installation

Package included:
1x Energy Meter

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