4pcs 1/2/4/6 Prong Diamond Chisel Hole Punch Leather Craft DIY Tool

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4pcs 1/2/4/6 Prong Diamond Chisel Hole Punch Leather Craft DIY Tool

This diamond chisel set is made of white steel with four models(1/2/4/6 prong)suitable for different usages.The refined prong are much easier to pull out when punching.The improved design makes you work more efficient.

Material:white steel
Number of teeth:one tooth,two teeth, four teeth,six teeth
Pitch:4mm(prong wide 2mm,prong tip-to-tip 4mm)

One prong is suitable for quarter turn or only require a separate hole place
Two prongs is suitable for the corner needs to play two holes, or small leather
Four prongs is suitable for the straight line  punching,most widely used
Six prongs is suitable for long straight  line punching,saving time high efficiency
Made from white Steel
Improved design: refined tips are much easier to pull out.
Four sizes can selected(1 prongs/2psrongs/4prongs/6prongs)

1.When punching ,lacing stitching chisel must be perpendicular to the leather surface to prevent the prong broken because of tilting.
2.Please attention the strength when punching.
3. When punching, best used with pads,put the magazine on the same plate,then,the prong and the plate is well protected.
4. Lacing stitching chisel when not in use, can put some oil on the prongs.

Package included:
1X Diamond Chisel Set

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