14pcs Hand Tool Kit for Handmade Clay Craft Creation

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14pcs Hand Tool Kit for Handmade Clay Craft Creation

Brand: MYTEC
Model: MC19980
Small Sprayer 9cm
Small Brush 14cm
Steel Ruler 16.5cm
Stainless Steel Scissor 16cm
Clay Knivies 14 to 17cm
Wooden Handle Gravers 12.2cm

5 gravers includes flat tip, bevel tip, V tip and arc-shaped tip.
This is extensively used for elementary and middle school students in labor skills class, that makes students take delight on hands-on work and develops their practical ability.
One simple kit as an encouraging gift can help and encourage kids' creativity.

Package included
5 x Clay Knife
5 x Wooden Handle Graver
1 x Small Sprayer
1 x Small Brush
1 x Stainless Steel Scissor
1 x 15cm Steel Ruler
1 x Plastic Tool Box

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