Dual 12 Position 15A 600V Screw Terminal Strip Covered Barrier Block

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Dual 12 Position Screw Terminal Strip Covered Barrier Block 15A 600V
Model TB-1512L
Pitch  7.5mm
Poles 12P (Dual Row)
Screw: M4, Steel, Ni plated
Terminal: Brass or Tin plated
Contact: copper 
Housing : polyphenyl or polycarbonate
Certification CE, CCC, UL, ROHS
Wide/High/Thick 128.5mm / 22mm / 17.5mm
Rated voltage: 600V
Rated current: 15A
Wire section:0.5-1.5²
Withstanding voltage: AC2000V/ 1Min
Temperature: -40℃~+105℃
Wiring Method: Barrier Terminal
Applications: Integrated Circuits IC
Interface Type: AC / DC

TB series Barrier Terminal Block, 12 position, double row.
The terminals are insulated from each other.
Lead numbers were marked on the plastic cover.
One mounting hole at each end.
Good to build prototype project, electric wiring, other electronic design for electricians or technicians.

Package included:
1x TB-1512 Screw Terminal

Type Rated Data Number of Poles Dimensions(mm)
TB-1512L 15A 600A 12 L L1 A B C D E
128.5 108 7.5 9 M3 10.5 22


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