Action Base Suitable Display Stand for 1/144 HG/RG Gundam+Hook

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Action Base Suitable Display Stand for 1/144 HG/RG Gundam/Figure+Hook Blue

Material: PVC Plastic
Color: Transparent
Base size (L * W): 9.3cm*7.3cm

Connections are tight, easy assembly, there are a variety of combinations, can easily replace.
With a base can connect multiple sets of pillars, perfect reproduction of  fighting / battle scenes.
No matter what characters, you can easily use this base made various activities.
You can use multiple combinations to create a variety of classic scenes.
Suitable to SD, BB, 1/100, 1/144 Gundam, Saint Cloth Figures, etc. (With installation instructions Figure)

Package included:
1x Action Base Suitable Display Stand
1x Installation Instruction

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