405nm 50mW Focusable Violet Dot Laser Module Laser Generator Diode

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405nm 50mW Focusable Violet Dot Laser Module Laser Generator Diode

This 50mW violet dot laser module is suitable for industrial equipment usage such as check for counterfeit money,stage lighting and experimental teaching with stable output power and long lifetime over 8000 hours.

Optical Power 50mW
Wavelength 405nm(violet laser)
Voltage DC 5V
Current <130mA
Beam Shape dot
Power Cord Length 135mm(5.31")
Life Time >8000hours
Size Φ12X45mm

50mW focusable violet dot laser module
Output optical power is stable,suitable for industrial equipment usage(industrial marker,presentation laser light,stage lighting,signaling devices and laser test and so on)

1.This laser module has high output power,please wear goggles when testing or using.

2.The red cord is anode,the black cord is cathode.

Package included:
1X 50mW Violet Dot Laser Module

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