12pcs Professional Hardware Tools Set Accessory Repair Home Tool Box Kits

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12pcs Professional Hardware Tools Set Accessory Repair Home Tool-Box Kits Case

      1. Collect the combination pliers + adjustable wrench + claw hammer + 4 pcs screwdrivers + utility knife + PVC insulation tape +
digital electric test pen + 1m tape measure in one kit box, it is a great vital household tool.
      2. Fit for repairing and maintaining door and window, drawers, kitchen, washroom, lamps and lanterns,
household appliances, motor vehicle, and so on.
      3. An ideal functional tool for our life, meet our different demand and solve many problem in repairing for our daily life.

Brand: Kaishen Tools
Model: YL12A-1
Item: Hardware Tools Set
Material: Alloy Steel,ABS Plastic  
Box Size: 265x215x60mm
Weight: 1.20 kg  
Quantity: 12pcs

12pcs hardware tools set:
Type Size Quantity
utility knife 150mm 1
digital electric tester 125mm 1
PVC insulation tape 18mm x 5m 1
screwdrivers(+-) 6x38mm 2
screwdrivers(+-) 6x100mm 2
tape measure 2m 1
combination pliers 7 inch 1
adjustable wrench 8 inch 1
claw hammer(8 oz) 235mm 1               
blow case 265x215x60mm 1
    Quality High-carbon Steel,the blade induction quenching,more durable.
    Nickel-iron alloy finishes, rust prevention, corrosion protection.
    Industrial forging jaw, have strengthen torsion and clamping force
    Quality CR-V Steel, Solid and Durable.
    Nickel-iron alloy finishes,rust prevention, corrosion protection.
    Precision nut,open and close freely,strong clamping force of jaw.
Claw hammer:
    High-carbon steel of the hammer head, Strength impact resistance, solid and durable.
    Finishing polish of the hammer head, the head can pull out the nails, easy and  
    convenient to use.
    According to Human body engineering principle design, prevent slippery effectively.
    Special hardened for the bit, more solid and durable
Digital electric tester:
    Display Accurate voltage, improve the use of safe coefficient.
    Environmental protection hard plastic,compact and durable,easy to carry.
Utility knife:
    Metal sheath,plastic shell,sturdy and durable.
    Blade Segmented using, the automatic lock device, stretch freely
Tape measure:
    Steel belt with heat treatment,the wear-resisting layer.
    Enhanced spring, tape belt stretch freely.

Package Included:

1x 12pcs Repair Home Tool-Box Kits Case

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