GT Power No.143 Engine Warmer Car Tool

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GT Power No.143 Engine Warmer Car Tool

GT Power No.143 Engine Warmer Car Tool


It used the similar technology which be used on WAR and F1car.
What's more, there is the newest program to adjust the temperature of heating. 
It will fully meet your request with maintain and use your engine better.

Input Voltage 11-13V    DC
Heating Power 65-100W
Max. Heating Temperature 105 Degrees Centigrade
Dimension Diameter≈63mm      Height≈50mm
5 LED to Mark Corresponding Temp.
1 light on 65°C 
2 lights on 75°C 
3lights on 85°C 
4 lights on 95°C 
5 lights on 105°C 

1. MCU control heating temperature and heating power for maximum safety
2. Temp. Adjustment: Manual adjust t othe proper temperature according to using environment and engine features
3. Built-in temp. Sensor: To control the output power of warmer
4. LEDs indicate the status and temperature of engine warmer
5. Adjustable cover with fireproof and heat resisting.
6. Easy to carrry and storage with small size and light weight
7. Top port allows you to monitor the engines temperature without taking warmer off.

Please read the instructions carefully before use,especially the warnings and safety notes.
Those warnings and safety notes are particulary important. Please follow the instructions for a maximum safety, otherwise the charger and battery can be badly damaged. Also it can lead to human injury or property loss.

Package Included:
1 X Engine Warmer
1 X English Instructions

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