3D Printer Full Graphic Smart Controller (RAMPS RepRap)

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3D Printer Full Graphic Smart Controller (RAMPS RepRap) 3D Printer Full Graphic Smart Controller (RAMPS RepRap) Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $14.50
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The Smart Controller is a graphical user interface to control your 3D printer without the need of a direct computer connection. The Smart controller has an integrated SD card reader, rotary encoder with push button and a 20X4 line LCD display, allowing all types of actions from calibration to axis movements and direct G-code execution from the SD card slot.

The Smart Controller is designed to plug directly into the RAMPS or Ultimaker type of breakout shields for direct 3D printer control.

Dimensions: 93x81x30mm

Smart Adapter (Fully Assembled)
Smart Controller with built in SD Card slot (Fully Assembled)
Set of 320mm Cables (Assembled)

Firmware:  Marlins' sources

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