CNC Aluminum Quick Release Self-Tightening Prop Adapters Set - Green (Clockwise)

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Are you tired of removing your propellers to transport your multirotor, only to spend more time to put them back on when you should be flying?... Now there is an easier way, with the quick release self-tightening prop adapters. No more breaking propellers during transportation, fast and easy setup and less frustration. They come in CW and CCW rotation and are color coded for easy identification. Simply mount your prop the adapter and the base to your motor and a flick of the prop will thread its self on.
Transport and storage your multirotor couldn’t be easier.

Weight: 9.5g
Prop Shaft: 4mm
Motor Shaft Hole: 4mm
Mounting Hole Diameter: 11.5mm (4-points Mount)
Self Tightening Direction: Clockwise

*It is only good for clockwise rotating prop

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