High-Precision Liquid Gear Sensor LCD Digital Fow Meter Quantitative Control

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High-Precision  Liquid Gear Sensor LCD Digital Fow Meter Quantitative Control

The system is the use of advanced single-chip microcomputer technology, LCD
dynamic display of the new flow measurement and control of the instrument. With
the pulse output of the flow sensor and solenoid valve and other auxiliary components
of the flow control system, suitable for oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, small and
medium water machine, such as gas, liquid flow quantity (batch) management control.

Working voltage range: DC24V±8V/ 1A
Solenoid valve operating voltage: DC12V / 0.3A-0.5A(normally closed solenoid valve)
Flow probe voltage: DC5V
Control instrument size:100x78x35mm
Quantitative range: 0.1-9999 L, K value can be placed in the maximum value of the
instrument constant 1-9999 L / min

Slim type design, flexible installation: suitable for all kinds of models, the use of convenient
The large white backlit LCD screen: beautiful and generous, to realize digital
Ultra wide range of external power supply: to make it more widely used, more and more
connected with a variety of models
Equipped with sensors, solenoid valve, can achieve a variety of industry gas, liquid flow,
quantitative (batch) management and control and display
Temperature detection: can detect the temperature of the liquid and display

Package Included:
1X quantitative control instrument
1X gear flow meter
4X wires

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