DC 12V Diesel Water Fuel Transfer Pump

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Description :

Diesel Water Fuel Transfer Pump Refueling Pump 12V

12 Volt dc submersible pump
Inline On/Off switch
2 x Clips for battery connection
Robust and compact design

The oil pumps  diesel (or water) should be connected owned oil hose, then the pump completely into the clean diesel (or water)
The bottom of the oil pump filter with stainless steel filter, so that the pumping out more clean diesel (or water).
Bottom filter with a threaded interface, convenient disassembly, repair, replacement, to achieve the purpose of repeated use.

Rapid diesel refuelling, water & thin oils transfer from storage tanks to Various vehicles with no spillage
Can be used also for bilge discharging of boats & similar vessels, small pools etc.
With 3.3 metres of power cable and battery clamps

Minute/Litres: 25 Litres
Cable : 3.3m / 129.9"
Length : 18cm / 7.1"
Outlet hose connection - 19mm, hose is not included
Note: This pump is not fit for pumping gasoline and other flammable liquids

Package included :

1 x Water/Fuel Transfer Pump

Details pictures :

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