Staufenbiel NEMESIS NXT 1100mm PNP

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Staufenbiel NEMESIS NXT 1100mm PNP

The NXT Nemesis with its scaled streamlined appearance, cool red & white color scheme, as well as its powerful racing performance is based on the real plane prototype.

The 1100 mm wingspan coupled with our powerful 3648-KV870 motor, heavy-duty 70A ESC, and 2-blade propeller will provide you racing plane performance out of the box. With its simple screw-together construction you will by going fast and turning left quickly.

The 1100mm NXT Nemesis, with its stylish racing plane characteristics, will surely make it a standout at your flying field.


    Cool red & white color scheme
    Powerful Brushless 3648-KV870 motor combined with heavy-duty 70A ESC.
    Digital Metal gear servos on the ailerons, elevator and rudder for maximum durability
    Can be tuned to reach speeds in excess of 100 mph (160 km/hr)
    Super scale appearance including hand painted pilot, chrome spinner, detailed cockpit, authentic
    Simple construction with no glue required for assembly
    Rugged electronic retractable landing gear with metal trunnions
    Durable EPO foam with reinforced one-piece wing
    Flaps for easier landings
Specification: Wingspan approx.: 1100 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1075 mm Weight (ready to fly): 1530 g Center of gravity: 40 - 45 mm Type of construction/material wing: EPO Type of construction/material fuselage: EPO Flight time: 6 Min. Box contents: Accesories built-in/included: built-in Motor: Brushless 3648 (870KV) ESC: 70 A Servos: 4x 9g MG Servo, 2x 9g Servo Propeller: 10 x 10" Spinner: incl. Landing gear: Electric RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Aileron: 2x 9g MG (incl.) Elevator: 1x 9g MG (incl.) Siderudder: 1x 9g MG (incl.) Airbrakes: 2x 9g (incl.) Motor: 1x 70A (incl.) Landing gear: Electric (incl.) Needed to complete: Radio: min. 6-Channel Receiver: min. 6-Channel Batteries: DYMOND LiPo 2400mAh 4S Charger: DYMOND Power 80

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