EXTREME FLIGHT Laser 200-74" 1880mm ARF (blue)

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With the release of the 48 inch and 60 inch Lasers, Extreme Flight RC proved to the modeling community that although the Laser is an older design, when plugged into the EXP formula it may just be the best overall platform for RC aerobatics! Quite possibly the most well rounded of aerobatic aircraft designs, the Laser EXP excels at 3D, XA and precision aerobatics with no bad habits. It combines the precision abilities of the Extra, the low and slow high alpha stability of the Edge and the crazy tumbling ability of the MXS.

With the release of some great new engines including the DA-35cc and VVRC 40cc twin, this size aircraft has become very viable and appealing. Basically the size of earlier generation 50cc aircraft, yet weighing several pounds less, the Laser EXP is ballistic when powered by one of these new engines.

The aircraft is light on the wing and "floaty", yet carries enough mass for great tumbles and flips and remains stable in winds that would make other planes difficult to fly. These aircraft fly and present BIG yet are easy to transport.

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