LED Roof/Bumper Light Bar Type 2

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LED Roof/Bumper Light Bar Type 2
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This light bar will give your model a realistic looking, high quality lighting system that will compliment a range of different scale and off-road models.  With four powerful LED lights housed in a polished alloy frame, these will make a great accessory for your rock crawler or off-road vehicle.

Simply connect to a spare channel in your receiver and then use the switch on the rear of the circuit board to toggle between seven different light modes, including a static four light mode.

• Highly polished alloy finish
• Solid and Tough construction
• Plug and play
• Seven light modes to select from

Working Voltage: 4.8~6.8V
Working Current: 5~15mA
Dimensions: 104 x 23 x 17mm

*If you have epilepsy or any photo sensitive condition you should consult your physician before using the flashing modes in this product.

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