Quanum Bluetooth Gaming and FPV SIM Controller

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Quanum Bluetooth Gaming and FPV SIM Controller
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Horrible weather outside? Don't let that stop you!  Now you can get some FPV Flight Training in anywhere, anytime with this Wireless Bluetooth Gaming and FPV Sim Controller.

Compatible with almost all mobile devices including phones and tablets, it supports different android/ios/PC games and once connected can be used with your mobile device without any drivers.

The controller has an adjustable built-in game stand that can accommodate mobile phones and tablets up to 10 inches in size and the controls are set out in the standard gaming console configuration. Once charged the built-in battery can provide up to 20 hours of game/simulator time!

This is perfect for use with the most popular FPV Sims such as Hotprops and Free Rider that put you back in the pilots seat especially if the weather outside makes real model flying impossible. 

Of course the other big bonus is that this is a game controller! and when you have had enough FPV sim flying you can play a host of other games and sims that are available from various App Stores.  

• Supports most IOS and Android devices
• Standard gaming console configuration
• Can accept devices up to 10" in size
• Built in battery provides up to 20 hours use
• Compatible with most IOS/Android games and simulators (full list in user manual)
• Perfect for FPV flight sim use

Quanum Gaming and FPV Sim Controller
Charging Cable

Requires: (Not included)
Mobile Device - Android or IOS Phone or Tablet


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