Turnigy LED & Car Engine Sound System

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Turnigy LED & Car Engine Sound System
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The Turnigy LED & car engine sound system has been designed with high quality sound synthesis as a primary consideration whilst keeping the unit as simple as possible to install and operate.

Device parameters and sound files can easily be modified directly by using the buttons on the main unit or by connecting it to your PC via the USB lead.

The following parameters may be edited:
• Brake: Brake sounds switch setting 1 = ON, 0 = OFF (Default ON)
• Rev limiter: Overload sounds switch 1 = ON, 0 = OFF (Default OFF)
• Rev limiter delay: Overload sounds played delay time - 1~9 seconds (Default 5 seconds)
• Idle: Engine idle sounds will run for a pre-set time when the throttle is at neutral (1~9  seconds) then switch off.
• Idle delay: Automatic delay time 1~9seconds (Default 5 seconds)
• Battery type: 0 = LiPoly   1 = LiFe 2 = NiMH (Default LiPoly)
• Battery cell count: LiPoly/LiFe: 2~6cells, NiMH: 4~15cells (Default NiMH)

In addition to the sound modelling system, a highly efficient amplifier and speaker module is incorporated to produce an impressive range of realistic sounds. When used together with the LED control function this unit provides an ideal all-in-one solution to bring your model car to life!

• Realistic sound synthesis
• Modular system
• LED light system
• Low voltage alarm
• Programmable via PC
• Easy to use

Speaker input voltage: 6~26V
Max Power: 30W
Cable length: 20cm
Connectors: 2.0 JST-XH  
Battery connector: T style
Control Board size: 66.3 × 44 × 14.8m
Loudspeaker unit size: 100 × 45 × 20mm 

1 x Main unit
1 x Loudspeaker unit
4 x ESC connecting cable
1 x Micro USB data cable
1 x Power cable
2 x Φ 5mm white LED  
1 x Φ 3mm white LED 
1 x Φ 5mm red LED    
2 x Φ 3mm yellow LED
2 x Double sided tape
Accessory pack

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