DALRC DL180 Racing Drone Frame

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DALRC  DL180 Racing Drone Frame
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The DL180 has ground smacking durability! Using a one piece solid 3mm carbon bottom plate that incorporates its four arms its integrated design provides strength just where you need it leaving you free to focus on whats important, winning the race!

The small frame is perfect for 18~22 size motors turning 4” propellers and there is plenty of room for all your electronics. The FPV camera mount is adjustable to suit your flying style  so whether you're a passive learner or sky ripping air hog, this is an awesome FPV capable machine!  

The frame is very easy to put together and is a perfect FPV Racing Project for beginner right through to expert. 

• Small wheelbase 180mm
• Tough 3.0mm carbon fiber lower frame
• Perfect for Cleanflght or CC3D compatible flight controllers
• Adjustable camera mount
• Lightweight
• Fits 4” propellers
• Fits 1806~2206 motors

Wheelbase: 180mm
Dimensions: 145 x 105mm
Weight: 96g

1 x DL180 Frame
1 x Build Manual

1 x 1300~1400mAh 3S~4S LiPoly Battery
4 x 1806 or 2206 Brushless motors
4 x 4" propellers (CW, CCW)
1 x Flight Controller
4 x ESC’s
1 x Power Distribution Board
1 x 5-6 channel RX/TX
1 x FPV package (optional)


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