Inservos Digital 7.4v 3.6kg Metal Gear Micro Servo D0474HT-HV

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Inservos Digital 7.4v 3.6kg Metal Gear Micro Servo D0474HT-HV

Micro servos brand of INSERVOS come with smart and programmable design, they are made with lightweight magnesium alloy center case, so cooling efficiency is higher. Also include 2 ball bearings to ensure a constant output torque from servos and smoother running.
Especially, they use the potentiometer with life span of 100,000 tiems and 360 degrees rotation to make servo with hi-precision and long life. Combined with complete metal gear set, servos offer superior torque and speed for their class. They are a new experience for more applications with model kits.


Name: Micro Servo
Brand: Inservos
Model: D0474HT-HV
Type: Programmable 12-Bit Resolution Digital Circuit
Working Frequency: 1520us/333Hz 900-2100us
Speed: 0.10sec/60°@6.0V  0.08sec/60°@7.4V
Application: Aircraft/1.3M Gliders wing. park flyers. 3D Helicopter Swash
Ball bearing: Twin ball bearings
Potentiometer: Rotate 360 degrees 100,000 times life
Motor: Φ7x14mm Coreless
Gear: All metal gears
Case: Lightweight Magnesium alloy center case
Size: 20.40*8.70*23.30mm(L*W*H)
Weight: 7.3g
Operating Voltage: DC4.5V-8.5V


* Lightest metal-magnesium alloy case. 1/3 lighter than aluminum, but cooling efficiency is higher.
* 100,000 tiems and 360 revolving potentiometer, high precision, long life.
* Intellingent can be programmed. Change the direction; Change the power of the servo(increase or reduce)
* Digital circuit. Fast response and excellent output performance.
* Double ball bearing. Torque output is more stable and smooth.
* All metal gear.
* Wide input voltage: DC4.5V-8.5V

Package included:

1 x Micro Servo D0474HT-HV
1 x Mounting brackets Set
1 x Gear Arm Set
1 x Screws Set

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