WL Toys 1/63 2015-1A Micro Desktop Racer w/Transmitter (RTR)

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WL Toys 1/63 2015-1A Micro Desktop Racer w/Transmitter (RTR)

If your looking for some table top fun then the WL Toys is just what the doctor ordered! The 2015-1A series are so micro that the transmitter and car all fit within a drinks can sized package and are ready to run with the addition of 2 x AA batteries.

The 2015-1A offers full control i.e. forward, reverse, turn left/right, it even has working front and rear LED lights! The car also features a built in NiMh battery which charges directly from the transmitter in as little as 1-2 minutes!

The 2015-1A micro race car is ultra compact and lightweight making it perfect for racing around the kitchen / dining room table or even at your work place!

There are heaps of different micro RC cars on the market but this is the best one we have ever come across, it is fast and easy to steer maklng it ideal for playing in confined spaces.

• Full control radio system
• Super lightweight and compact
• Suitable for table tops and other flat surfaces
• Working from and rear LED headlights and taillights
• Built in NiMh rechargeable battery
• Car recharges via the transmitter batteries
• 1-2 minute charge time
Functions: Forward, reverse, turn left/right with working light system
Scale: 1/63
Radio Frequency: 27/35/40/49Mhz
Car Battery: NiMh, 85mAh 1.2v
Charging Time: 1-2 minutes
Run Time: 6-10 minutes
Range: 6-20 metres
Transmitter Dimensions: 110 x 18 x 40mm
Car Dimensions: 70 x 30 x 30mm
Weight: 98g

Package Includes:
1 x 1/63 scale micro car
1 x Transmitter
1 x User manual
4 x Traffic cones

2 x AA Batteries 

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