DC 4.2V Output AU Plug Power Battery Charger

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DC 4.2V Output AU Plug Power Battery Charger

DC 4.2V Output AU Plug Power Battery Charger


Material: Plastic
Product name:Charger
Color: Black
Cable length: 1m/39.3"
Size: 7x3.5x2.5cm/2.75"x1.37"x0.98"
Input: AC100-250V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC4.2V±0.5V, 1000MA
Specification: AU Plug

1.AU Plug 18650 lithium battery charger.
2.Can be used for a variety of lithium battery ,included flashlight, miner's lamp, batons, digital products, etc.
3.Constant voltage charging, when charging the light is red , when fullly charge the light will turn green, if fully charged,it will automatically stop charging, constant voltage charging, professional IC chip control.
4.Overcharge protection, over power protection, short circuit protection, there are insurance resistance to prevent electrical short circuit danger, ensure safe use. 

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