5PCS AB Clip AB Button Balance Plug For 6S

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5PCS AB Clip AB Button Balance Plug For 6S

5PCS AB Clip AB Button Balance Plug For 6S

Size:  About 20mm*22.5mm*8mm 
Weight:  About 3g
Material:  PP
Color: Random

Ergonomic Design of AB Clip is special made for Chinese handtype, and provide you with comfortable holding feel; Unique concave surfaces effectively fit the finger curve, and antiskid effect becomes better due to grind arenaceous processing.
The PP has more intensity and shock resistance because AB Clip uses 20% Fiber adding technology, bringing perfect protection for balance terminal.

Kindly Remark:
1. AB Clip uses environmental PP which is non-toxic and tasteless and recyclable, with 100 centigrade  temperature resistance; don’t put our product into the fire to avoid polluting the environment.
2. Our product is not including the plug and line.

Package Included:
5 x AB Clip Balance Plug

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