KERUI X1 LCD Touch Wireless 120 Zone PSTN PIR Door Sensor Remote Control Home Security Alarm System

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KERUI X1 LCD Touch Wireless 120 Zone PSTN PIR Door Sensor Remote Control Home Security Alarm System
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Description :

KERUI X1 LCD Touch Wireless 120 Zone PSTN PIR Door Sensor Remote Control Home Security Alarm System 433MHz

This alarm system with a digital clock screen, support 120 defense zones, for home/commercial  use. Apply a micro computer processing technic, built-in high quality real-human voice prompt chip and accurately clock chip. Intelligent long distance home appliance control, stable and high performance. Can add: remote control, PIR sensor, door sensor, gas detector, smoke detector, emergency button ,water leak detector and etc.
Features :

Human voice prompt, convenient operation, easy to understand, 7 level volume adjusted.
High precision real time clock display, time no lose when power cut. with the clock bell function, time of ringing is adjusted.
Built-in siren, 8 levels siren volume adjusted, can also be connect with an external signal.
120 wireless zones, Each can be defined as one of the 8 zone types including NORMAL, STAY, INTELLIGENT, EMERGENCY, CLOSED, HELP SENIOR, WELCOME and CHIME.
Four sets of scheduled arming/disarming, each time disarming you can select the included period of time and different defense zone, eliminating of need of the manual procedure, realizing automatic controls.
6 groups of voice alarm phone number for alert calling, 3 groups for the older help number. 
Support ISD automatic voice mailbox for playback message upon alert. Maximum length of voice message is 10 seconds.
Can control up to 10 intelligent socket.
Wireless intelligent study coding, compatible with PT2262 normal encoding and a 1527 encodin.
Maximum support 150 remote controls and 150 detectors.
Unique black box function, can record the recent 72 arming/disarming and 102 alarming record.
Anto change to Built-in lithium battery when power cut, will call you and alarm for notification.

Specification :

PSTN Alarm Control Panel
Input Voltage DC 12V / 1A
Network PSTN telephone line
Working distance <150M
Wireless Frequency 433MHz
Defend type 8
Defend zones 120
Sensors Max supports 150 sensors
Remote Control Max supports 150 remote controls
Battery Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery
Call alarm number 6
Siren Built-in siren 90db
Scheduled arming 4
Wireless Door/Window Sensor
Power Supply DC 12V / 23A Battery
Static Current ≤20 mA
Transmission Current ≤15mA
Transmission Frequency 433MHZ ± 0.5MHZ
Transmission Distance About 30m with one barrier
Internal Distance 15 mm
Working Condition Temperature -10 degree ~ + 40 degree
Humidity ≤ 90% rh
Battery Life Time About 8 months
Wireless P.I.R Motion Detector
Power Supply 3x AAA batteries
Transmission Current ≤20mA
Static Current ≤10mA.
Wireless Frequency 433MHZ ± 0.5MHZ
Transmission Distance About 30m with one barrier
Detective Speed 0.3 - 3m/s
Detective Range Horizontal 110°, Vertical 60°
Working Condition Temperature -10 degree ~ + 40 degree
Humidity ≤ 90% rh
Battery Life Time About 8 months
Remote Control (Keyfob)
Static Current 0
Emission Current ≤15mA
Transmission Frequency 433MHZ ± 0.5MHZ
Emission Speed T≤1 second
Emission Distance About 30 meters
Working Condition Temperature -10 degree ~ + 40 degree
Humidity ≤ 90% rh
Battery Life Time About 6 months

Package includeds :

1 x KERUI X1 PSTN Alarm System
1 x PIR Detector
1 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
1 x Power Adapter (EU / US / AU / UK for Optional~)
1 x User Manual
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