Solar Auto Darkening Arc Tig Mig Welding Helmet Mask with 2 lens

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Solar Auto Darkening Arc Tig Mig Welding Helmet Mask with 2 lens

Description :
Solar Auto Darkening Arc Tig Mig Welding Helmet Mask with 2 lens

Auto-Darkening welding helmet are designed to protect the eyes and face from sparks, spatter and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions.
Auto-darkening Filter automatically changes from a cleadr state to a dark state when an arc is struck, and it returns to the clear state when welding stops.

Features :  

Suitable to all kinds of welding mode.
When arc is struck, Auto-darkening Filter will ruen from clear state to dark state, response time is less than 1/25000S.
With non-grade adjustable shade numer from DIN9-DIN13.
The high performance of Auto-darkening Filter provides to the user's eyes and face a full protection against UV and IR radiation during the entire welding process, even in the clear state.

Specification :

1. Filter cassette size : 110 x 90 x 8. 5mm
2. View window size : 92 x 42mm
3. UV/IR protection : Up to shade DIN 16
4. Clear state Shade No : DIN4
5. Dark state Shade No : DIN9-DIN13(Stepless adjustment)
6. Power supply : Solar cells, No battery change required
7. Power On/Off : Fully Automatic
8. Response time :
   Clear to Dark : ≤1/25000S
   Dark to Clear : 0. 2-0. 35S
9. Work temperature : -5 to 55℃(23-131℉)
10. Storing temperature : -20 to 7℃(23-131℉)

Warning :
1. This Auto-darkening welding helmet is Not suitable for laser Welding and Oxyacetylene Welding.
2. Auto-darkening filter must never be placed on the hot surfaces or moist place.
3. This Auto -darkening welding helmet will not protect against explosive devices or corrosive liquids.
4. This Auto -darkening welding helmet will not protect against severe impact hazards, including fragmenting
   grinding disks, and they must never be used for grinding.
5. Never open or tamper with the Auto-Darkening Filter.
6. Don't use any solvents on filters' screen or helmet components.
Package includes :  

1 x  Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
2 x Lens
1 x User's Manual
Details pictures :  

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