Turnigy Digital LED Sealing Iron 230V (EU Plug)

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Turnigy Digital LED Sealing Iron 230V (EU Plug)
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For everyone who builds and repairs their own models a sealing iron is a must have tool in the workshop arsenal.    

This digital LED sealing iron from Prolux can be used on heat-shrink film or heat shrink fabric covering. It comes with a Teflon-coated shoe for non-stick working and a safety stand.

This great iron features a low-profile head that makes it easier to work with on those difficult spots such as around canopies or hatches as well as tight fillets and compound curves.

With precise temperature control you can have complete confidence in setting your iron to the best working temperature for the film being used and the ergonomic handle makes it easier to work with for longer jobs, like large wings and bigger fuselages.

This is a fantastic product and if you are in the market for a sealing iron or think its time to trade your tired old iron in, then the Prolux LED Sealing Iron is a great choice. 

• Provides precise digital temperature control from 100°C to 220°C 
• Perfect for any heat shrink film or fabric covering
• Soft cotton sock to protect delicate surfaces
• Safety metal stand and shoe sock included
• Improved ergonomic handle design

Prolux Digital LED Sealing Iron
Shoe Sock
Safety metal stand


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