RIPMAX JSM Mini Xcalibur (Sport Package) 1310mm ARF

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RIPMAX JSM Mini Xcalibur (Sport Package) 1310mm ARF

The new JSM Mini Xcalibur has been developed to meet the need for a compact, easy to fly yet fully aerobatic jet sport model suitable for a wide range of turbines with thrust levels of between 20 Newtons (2Kg) and 35 Newtons (3.5Kg). Designed to enable a newcomer to turbines to enjoy immediate success, the Mini Xcalibur will also entertain an experienced jet pilot with its superb aerobatic abilities and wide speed range, the low speed handling being outstanding, particularly when the effective central flap is deployed, allowing operation out of smaller sites, whilst the electric retract units help make grass field operation simple.


    A Great First Jet in a Compact Package
    Fuel Tank Included
    Electric Retracts Included
    Wheels Included
    Fibreglass Fuselage
Specification: Wingspan approx.: 1310 mm Fuselage length approx.: 1340 mm Weight: 3400 g Type of construction/material fuselage: GFK Box contents: Landing gear: incl. RC-Function/accessory recommendation: Aileron: 2x Futaba S3150 Elevator: 1x Futaba S3150 Siderudder: 2x Hitec HS-85 Motor: X Landing gear: Electr. Needed to complete: Radio: min. 7-Channel Receiver: min. 7-Channel Turbine: 20 - 35 N Servos: 5 Servos

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