E-FLITE Thrust 1000mAh 4S (14.8V) 35C LiPo (EC3)

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The E-flite® brand is proud to introduce a new series of 4S Li-Po battery packs specifically built for the FPV Racer. Thrust™ Series FPV Racing batteries are ideal for the racing platforms from 150- to 285-size such as the Blade Vortex 250 Pro that demands the power 4S, 14.8V Li-Po packs can provide.

Compact E-flite® Thrust Series lithium polymer batteries are rated at 35C to offer an excellent power-punch without a major weight penalty. Four capacity sizes are available from 850mAh to 1800mAh with the 1000mAh and 1300mAh packs rounding out the middle of the range. These batteries come with the popular EC3™ connector with silicone insulated wire for a level of durability that can be appreciated at all performance levels. The output and balance leads are short to make installation on FPV racers as sleek as possible. Like the popular line of E-flite High-Power Li-Po batteries, its JST-XH balance connector is compatible with a wide range of popular chargers such as those from Orion® and Dynamite®. A 3C charge rating means that these batteries can be fast charged safely. If you're looking for a compact 4S Li-Po pack to suit your electric powered aircraft, choose an E-flite Thrust Series battery and go for it!


    Powerful 35C continuous discharge rating
    Available in four capacities; 850, 1000, 1300 and 1800mAh
    Race-ready 4-cell configuration
    Heavy-duty lead wire with durable silicone insulation
    Lightweight for optimum flight performance
    Flexible silicone insulated balance wires
    Compact construction with ultra-short leads
    No soldering required
    Assembled with EC3™ main and JST balance plugs
    The ideal battery choice for the Blade® Vortex 250 Pro FPV quad-racer


    Configuration: 4S 1P
    Nominal Voltage: 14.8V (3.7V per cell)
    Max Voltage: 16.8V (4.2V per cell)
    Watt Hours: 14.80Wh
    Max Cont. Discharge Current: 35A
    Main Connector Type: EC3
    Bal. Connector Type: JST_XH
    Output Wire Gage: 14AWG
    Maximum Charge Rate: 3C
    Maximum Charge Current: 3.0A
    Weight: 125 g

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