Airspeed Meter for Arkbird Autopilot (with OSD)

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This is the digital airspeed meter with OSD feature for the Arkbird 2.0 Autopilot System.

This meter can allow the autopilot to calculate the airspeed of the aircraft to ensure that sufficient lift force is being provided to the aircraft to avoid a stall.

The airspeed meter can allow the autopilot to adjust throttle settings automatically to ensure that airspeed remains close to constant, decreasing and increasing depending on wind direction and desired ground speed.

With the OSD feature attached to this meter, the airspeed will also be displayed as part of the Arkbird 2.0 OSD video overlay.

Operating Temp :-50°C~80°C 
Power Supply :2.5-5.5 V 
Dimensions:80 x 15 x 10mm

Airspeed Meter for Arkbird 2.0 Autopilot with OSD

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