ASP FS30AR Four Stroke Glow Engine

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ASP FS30AR Four Stroke Glow Engine ASP FS30AR Four Stroke Glow Engine Europe HobbyKing Out Of Stock $114.05
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It's the sound that makes scale aeromodellers smile from ear to ear, the sound that goes hand in hand with models like the Tiger Moth, Piper Cub or even a WW2 warbird.  It's the sound of the perfect marriage of airframe and powerplant, its the sound of a four stroke engine!

Who can resist turning their head when a four stroke engine fires up? There's nothing quite like it and with the ASP FS Series you will enjoy not just the sound but the solid performance of a quality designed and manufactured motor.

The ASP FS series engine has been designed by expert engineers and built using only the highest quality materials and CNC machinery. Motors of this caliber provide long life and dependability and ASP have certainly hit the mark with this series.

• Ringed-Piston Design for Long Life and High Power
• Rear-Updraft, Dual-Needle Carburetor w/Choke
• High-Flow Quiet Muffler
• Dual Ball Bearing-Supported Crankshaft & Camshaft
• Dual Bushing-Supported Connecting Rod

Displacement: 5cc
Bore: 19.7mm
Stroke: 16.4mm
Recommended Prop: 9x6
RPM: 2500-11500
Weight: 275g

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