220VAC HS-4 Crane Remote Control Button Switch System

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220VAC HS-4 Crane Remote Control Button Switch System

220VAC HS-4 Crane Remote Control Button Switch System 

Operating frequency: 433MHz
Transmission distance: ≤100M
Transmitter operating voltage:2pcs AAA
Battery Receiver operating voltage: 12-24 V AC, AC36V, AV220V, AC380V
Output interface: relay 12V, 5A
Point of acceptance: non directional
Working temperature: -20 -85℃
Protection level: IP65

Common trouble shooting:
1 when the transmitter button is pressed, if the indicator light is not bright, the battery
is not properly installed, please remove the battery according to the positive and negative
polarity indicator to re load.
2 press the transmitter button, if the emitter lights flashing red, please check whether the
magnet is installed correctly, the emergency stop switch is in release state, and confirm
whether the "start" button has been pressed.
3 when the receiver does not move, Please take out the transmitter battery.After 15s to
re load power supply
4 when the emitter green indicator light appears weak, or the emission distance becomes
shorter, or intermittent work, it may be battery power is insufficient, please change the battery

Package included:
1x Launcher
1x Receiver
4x Insurance pipes


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