3.2M 11 Steps Aluminum Alloy Portable Extension Telescopic Ladder Single Straight Ladder

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3.2M 11 Steps Aluminum Alloy Portable Extension Telescopic Ladder Single Straight Ladder

3.2M 11 Steps Aluminum Alloy Portable Extension Telescopic Ladder  Single Straight Ladder


Fingers Protection & Stabiliser Bar.
Telescopic style climb ladder, convenient to use and easy to carry around.
Great helper for both indoor household use and outdoor activities.
Safe and compact----black anti-slip rubber sleeve on the bottom of ladder step and stable locking key between two neighboring steps to avoid bumping and friction.
Specially designed stabilizer bar for better balance.


Material: Aluminium Alloy
Color: Chrome
Compacts down to 86cm for easy storage.
Easily extends up to 3.2m[Max]
Number of steps: 13 steps
The Length of the Top of Ladder: 44cm
The Length of Buttom of Ladder Length: 48cm
The Width of each Rung: 4cm
The Height of each Rung: 2.7cm
Net weight: 8.5kg
Max.load: 150kg
EN 131

Safety First! Before use the ladders, please read the marking carefully!
1. Inspect upon receipt and before each use.
2. Make sure all rungs are securely engaged and locked in place.
3. Never climb a damaged, bent or broken ladder.
4. Keep ladder clean, free from grease, oil, snow, wet paint, and other slippery materials. Keep shoes clean; leather soles should not be used.
5. Never make temporary repairs of damaged or missing parts.
6. All working parts must be in good working, order.
7. Do not use ladder if broken, worn or if exposed to fire or chemical corrosion.
8. Do not use ladder if you tire easily, are subject to fainting spells, are using medicine/alcohol or are physically impaired.
9. To protect children, do not leave ladder set-up and unattended.

1. Danger, metal ladders conduct electricity. Do not let ladders of any material come in contact with live electrical wires.
2. Do not operate on uneven or slippery surfaces, this can cause serious injury.
3. Never climb or stand on the top 3 rungs. You can lose your balance.
4. Securely place thumbs on latches when closing! Do not place any part of body including hands, fingers or thumbs on or between rungs or couplings above the last secured rung.
Package includes: 
1 x 3.2M 11 Steps Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Ladder 
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