Frsky FSH-01 Telemetry Sensor Hub

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Frsky FSH-01 Telemetry Sensor Hub

Frsky FSH-01 Telemetry Sensor Hub

FrSky Sensor Hub is recommended to connect digital side port (G, TX, RX) of FrSky telemetry receiver and FrSky sensors by the provided cable, to serve as an information collecting and processing center, monitor the model status and feedback all data back to FrSky DHT-U.

Brand Name: Frsky
Item Name: FSH-01
Dimension: 37*30*8mm
Weight: 7g (sensor hub only w/o wires)
Operating Voltage Range: 4~10V
Operating Temperature Range: -20~80C
Feature: Firmware upgradable

Fuel: Fuel Gauge Sensor
Vario: Variometer Sensor
Volt: Lipo Voltage Sensor
Temp1/2: Temperature Sensor
Power: Power Supply
RPM: RPM Sensor
Acc: Triaxial Acceleration Sensor
Data: use provided cable to connect to digital side port (G,TX, RX) of FrSky telemetry receiver

It is recommended to take the length of all sensors’ wires into consideration before mounting, and use double-sided tape to install FrSky sensor hub at an appropriate place in the model.

English Manual & Other Files,Click Here

Package Included:
1x Frsky FSH-01 Telemetry Sensor Hub

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