Power Distribution Board with 2 x UBEC Output

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Power Distribution Board with 2 x UBEC Output

This is a different style PDB that has versatility as it can be mounted with either 30.5mm or 45mm mounting holes. It can handle up to 8 ESCs. There is even a micro JST-SH with 5V, current and voltage sensors for APM/PIX.

There are two UBECs on this PDB, one gives a constant 5V/3A output and the other is a variable output between 5V and 16V /3A (adjustable via potentiometer and dependent on input voltage).

This is a must have, with great features.

• Up to 8 ESCs
• Two UBECs, 5V and 5V to 16V (adjustable)
• Includes APM/PIX Current and Voltage sensors, works for OSD

Max Input Voltage: 26VDC (6S Lipo)
UBEC 1: 5V/3A
UBEC 2: Variable 5V to 16V /3A (adjustable step down)
Size: 50 x 50mm
Mounting Holes: 45mm and 30.5mm
Weight: 12g

1 x PDB
1 x Power module port cable

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