Education Magnetic Fishing Toy With 6 Fish And A Fishing Rod

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Education Magnetic Fishing Toy With 6 Fish And A Fishing Rod

Education Magnetic Fishing Toy With 6 Fish and a Fishing Rods

Learning & education magnetic fishing toy comes with 6 fish and a fishing rods, outdoor fun & sports fish toy gift for baby/kid
Gameplay and features: 
    Magnetic fishing toy, very practical very fun toy! Telescopic fishing rod to be bought back at home as long as the appliance can be filled with water and filled in Sheung Shui, the baby can play! Was a baby endurance training with good eyesight stuff Oh! can also play with the big accompany the baby, it is a good toy and fun but also to promote parent-child relationship!
A variety of different colors and different types of fish fish vivid bright colors, the mouth piece of iron, hanging on a fishing rod magnets aligned mouth can catch fish! Let the children experience the fun of fishing. 
 You can also train your baby's hand-eye coordination and hand control, and you can teach your baby to recognize a variety of marine animals. Winter in the bathtub when bathing, swimming in summer when the water's edge, (on the water, the fish will drift up), to accompany her mother sitting on the couch watching TV, you can play anytime, 
 The toys are your baby's happy childhood, to add children' fun, but also allow the children to become smarter, such as: 
*Fish Rod can be remove and the line can be fixed.
* improve the color sensitivity of the baby
* improve the baby's autonomy
* to improve the ability and flexibility of children
* In addition, this toy will not hurt the baby. So this toy is really great!
Color: Colorful
Material: Plastic
Package Included:
1 x Fish Rod
6 x Fish

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