FUTINA AC LED Wall Switch Panel 250V 10A - Three Switch Double Control

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FUTINA AC LED Wall Switch Panel 250V 10A - Three Switch Double Control

FUTINA AC LED Wall Switch Panel 
250V 10A - Three Switch Double Control

Material PC(Polycarbonate) + Copper + Silver
Model FW-03 K32L-10
Switch Type Three Switch Double Control
Color  White
Size 8.5x 8.5x 3.5cm
Voltage AC 110-250V / 50HZ-60HZ
Current 10A
Load power 15W-1000W/Load(dimmer switch:25W-500W/Load)
Self Consuming Power Less than 0.1mA
Working temperature -30~70℃

1.Make Of PC ,Copper and Silver Materials,stable and durable,Never Rust.
2.Design with LED lights,night blue LED,very convenient,and improve the entire furniture of modem.
3.Anti-fingerprint panel, anti-oxidation, easy to clean,Strong brightness brushed metal, more smooth.
4.Fire retardant PC material higher security,Scratch-resistant protective film to prevent scratches and other transportation damage.
5.Brushed metal frame ,stronger hand touch feeling than ordinary painting frame.
6.It is easily installed and can replace an switch in your home using your existing wiring.

1.Switch ON/OFF on the panel.
2.When the switch is ON, the pilot light will become dark; when it is OFF, the pilot light changes to blue.

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