CEL PD1 PRO Impact Driver

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Designed for use with the 18V Power8 Powerhandle, this impact driver will do the job where an ordinary drill just can't. 

Impact drivers create much higher torque than a drill with the same body weight.  The battery will last longer and tough jobs like removing cross-threaded and damaged screw heads can be tackled by an impact driver.

Less torque is transmitted to the user so you won't have to hold the PRO Impact driver so tight and it has an extremely high power to weight ratio with a 2 stage driving system. When the torque required is low, it operates like a normal drill/driver but when more effort is required, the PROdriver uses its rotary hammer.

The PRO Impact Driver provides an immense 135Nm of torque capable of driving the biggest screws. It comes with inbuilt tool bit storage and hex chuck with locking collar for quick tool changes. The PROdriver also has a variable trigger and electric brake.

Motor: 18V 600
Gearbox:  All metal with replaceable impact action
No-load speed: Variable 0-2200rpm
Power input:18V
Max. torque: 135Nm
Electric Brake:Yes
Momentary Trigger or On/Off Switch: Momentary
Variable Speed: Yes
Torque settings: No
Impact rate : 3200bpm
Chuck Size min-max: 6mm
Screw diameter: up to 10mm
Max. drill diameter in steel: 10mm
Drill diameter in wood: 20mm
Max. drill diameter in concrete : 10mm

PD1 PRO Impact Driver

Requires: (Not Included)
PH11 Powerhandle 18V 2.6Ah Li-ion

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