GEPRC GEP180 Racing Drone Frame (Kit)

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GEPRC GEP180 Racing Drone Frame (Kit)

GEPRC GEP180 Racing Drone Frame (Kit)

GEPRC have come out with a number of frame kits. This GEP180 is in the middle of the series and is lightweight coming in at only 89g.

The frame is built of high strength 3K carbon fiber. The main deck (with arms) is 3mm thick and the other decks are 1.5mm thick. At the back is mounted a 6 LED plate to help you work out where your quad is. It also comes with a power distribution board with built in BEC supplying 5V and 12V (at 3A) to meet all your power requirements.

The GEP180 is designed with FPV in mind and has a camera mount with a 45-degree adjustment. The frame is built around the camera mount to provide extra protection in case you go through some trees. There is also provision for a 5.8GHz video transmitter to be mounted at the front or back of the frame.

An easy to build frame. Just add your gear and get flying.

• High strength 3K carbon fiber machined billet frame
• Strong lightweight frame (89g)
• Adjustable FPV camera mount
• Rear 6 LED plate
• Power Distribution Board (5V/12V 3A BEC)
• 5.8GHz transmitter can be installed at front or rear

Wheelbase: 180mm
Power Distribution board: 5/12V 3A BEC
Size: 175x160mm
Main Deck: 3mm
Other Decks: 1.5mm
Carbon Weight: 58g

Frame Kit
XT60 connector with 90mm leads
Battery strap
Build Instructions

1 x F3 /Naze32/ CC3D Flight Controller
4 x Motors 1806/2204/2205
4 x ESC 20~30A
4 x Propellers 4”
1 x 3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1300mAh LiPoly Battery
1 x 5~6 channel radio and receiver
1 x FPV Gear (Optional)

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