H-King Tuff Trainer II EPP 885mm (PNF)

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H-King Tuff Trainer II EPP 885mm (PNF)

The HobbyKing Tuff Trainer II is made of virtually indestructible EPP foam allowing you to fly with confidence. The Tuff is a super stable flyer that is perfect for beginners and the average RC pilot alike.

We've fitted this plane with really good solids parts so that you get off on the right foot. It is easy to see why instructors recommend the Tuff to their trainees. 

This model is amazingly versatile and most importantly a bunch of fun to fly. The Tuff is a perfect platform for an instructor because of it's wide flight envelope and EPP construction. We had a lot of fun flying the Tuff during development and we're sure you'll enjoy it too. 

You'll be glad you got a Tuff trainer.

Length: 805mm
Wingspan: 885mm
Flying Weight: 574g
Motor: AS2212  1400Kv
ESC: 30A
Propeller: GWS 9050
Servo: 8g x 4

Radio: 4 Channels 
Receiver: 4 channels 
Battery: 11.1v  800 - 1800mAh  25C

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