100g White PCB UV Curable Solder Mask Repairing Paint

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100g White PCB UV Curable Solder Mask Repairing Paint

100g White PCB UV Curable Solder Mask Repairing Paint for DIY PCB

UV light-sensitive White oil with fast curing properties, It is the PCB board solder protective paint.
UV light-cured solder resist ink, good performance over the net, fast curing, strong adhesion, chemical resistance and insulation resistance, suitable for single-sided circuit board for solder used.
This paint is used to protect PCB traces from corrosion.It is also used for repairing PCB after soldering, rework.

Apply paint on your PCB
Spread it on the PCB with covering the transparent mask film
Expose it under UV light ( or sun ) for a few minutes
Wash away the extra paint by gasoline or oil base solvent
Note: stir before use
Special Note: When using this ink can not be diluted
Color: White
Quality: 100g
Viscosity: 25 ℃ 200 ± 50PS with good thixotropic particle size: <15n
Curing conditions: 80W/cm × 3 high-pressure mercury lamp, irradiation distance 10cm 4-6m/min
Adhesion: 100/100
Hardness:> 5H
Soldering resistance: 260 ℃ ± 5 ℃ 10 S × 3 times
Solvent resistance: trichloroethane boil for 2 minutes with no loss
Insulation resistance: 1 × 1013 above at normal, 40 ℃ RH95% after 72 hours 1 × 1012
Dielectric strength:> 500V/mil
Storage: temperature 22 ± 2 ℃, humidity of 55 ± 5% RH

Package includes: 
1 x 100g Negative Photoresist Anti-etching Photosensitive Blue Paint for DIY PCB
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