FDY10-S Battery Capacity Tester 20V 10A Discharge Test Instrument

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FDY10-S Battery Capacity Tester 20V 10A Discharge Test Instrument

FDY10-S Battery Capacity Tester 20V 10A Discharge Test Instrument

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FDY10-H battery tester is a new type instrument, which can detect the capacity of the battery, also can measure the discharge time and discharge AH of the battery.
It is a new dual-function measuring device integrated with detection and measurement.
FDY10-H battery tester adapts to the voltage range of 1V ~ 60V, FDY10-S adapts to the voltage range of 1V ~ 20V.
They adapt to the batteries of different kinds and is mainly used to measure Ni-Cd, Li-Ion, Pb, Ni-Mh, Ag-Zn, LMP, Li-po, Pb, etc., with the discharge current range of 0.1A-10A automatic constant current.
The discharge termination voltage of FDY10-H can be set between 0V ~ 60V, and FDY10-S can be set between 0V ~ 20V.
In the discharge, the LED display the voltage, current, power, AH, time in real time.
After finish discharging the battery, it will display the measurement results such as AH and discharge time .


Small size, light weight and portability;
The host and heating elements are separate,high stability;
Small measurement error and more accurate measurement results due to application of 4-wiring-system measurement mode
Availability for setting automatic slide show function to check operating states and parameters visually and clearly due to the display mode based on combination of the LED indicator light and the LED nixie tube;
Operation sound prompt and alarm for finish of discharge
Wider voltage detection range for the battery due to 2Wire and 3Wire detection modes
Automatic identification of 12V and 16V batteries
Rapid test function to detect the approximate capacity of a battery within 1-10min rapidly;
Constant resistance mode

Package includes:

1 x Battery Capacity Tester
2 x Test clip wire
1 x Power adapter
2 x 200w resistor

Test diagram for reference only, the package does not contain the test tools:

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