3M Dual Lock™

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3M Dual Lock™
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This genuine 3M Dual Lock™ velcro tape is exactly what you need for securing that receiver, battery, camera, sign or anything else you need to stay put.   

Up to five times stronger than conventional hook and loop tape this stuff really is the next generation velcro. 

3M Dual Lock™ actually locks into itself and delivers a super strong recloseable fastener that has an audible snap when secured into place so you know its secure every time. This one-sided tape does it all and with a strong adhesive backing, you can apply it to any clean firm surface.

This tape is perfect for battery bays in your RC models and for other hobbies and sports where you want to fasten equipment or gear to your bike, canoe or helmet, in fact, the list is limitless.

Get yourself the best fastener on the market today, 3M Dual Lock™!

4 x Pieces (250mm x 25mm)

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