Madbull Surefire FA7556 MINI 5 Inch Barrel Extension (-14mmCCW)

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Madbull Surefire FA7556 MINI 5 Inch Barrel Extension (-14mmCCW)

Madbull Surefire FA7556 MINI 5 Inch Barrel Extension (-14mmCCW)

Introducing the fully licensed SureFire barrel extension from Madbull, the Surefire barrel extension features a quick-attach and detach design for installation and removal upon seconds.

These extensions feature a barrel overlap design to lower the profile of your gun. Constructed of strong T6 aluminum and only weighing in under 8 ounces these SureFire barrel extension are both durable and add minimal weight to your rifle. Each licensed SureFire barrel extension has beautiful laser engraved trademarks and are all true 1:1 scale (internals have been modified for airsoft only).

Note that all SureFire barrel extension require an adapter for attachment. Adapters for the SureFire barrel extension screw directly onto the original rifle threads. Each licensed SureFire barrel extension includes necessary compensator / adapter in the package.

The MINI 5" SureFire suppressor was originally designed for 5.56mm rifles such as the M4, AR-15, HK 416, SA-80, and other rifles. The MINI adds only 2.75" to the original length of the weapon platform. Although originally designed for rifles, the MINI woud look great on any M4, G36, M16, M249, and other rifles. The MINI would also look great on any short CQB style gun. Have the cool look of a suppressor while keeping the overall length short.

• Fully licensed SureFire product
• Strong T6 aluminum design
• 5" barrel extension but only adds 2.75" to your overall gun
• Unique internal lightweight design
• Authentic SureFire laser engraving
• Super matte black oxide finish
• Quick-attach and detach function, attaches and removes in seconds
• Steel Surefire compensator included
• -14mm CCW compensator threads with locking set screw

Material: Aluminum and Steel
Color: Matt Black
Weight: 385g
Barrel extension dimension: 127mm x 42mm x 42mm
Compensator dimension: 64mm x 25mm x 25mm 
Compensator threads: -14mm Counter clockwise (CCW)
Manufacturer: Madbull

*Note that these are non-functioning mock barrel extension and will not suppress a firearm nor will they work on a firearm.

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