O-ring Kit 3mm (Green) (10pcs/bag)

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O-ring Kit 3mm (Green) (10pcs/bag) O-ring Kit 3mm (Green) (10pcs/bag) USA HobbyKing In Stock $0.78
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These silica O-rings have lots of uses over many different ranges of products. 

They are used in drones for dampening vibration. Just install between the spacers and flight controller to eliminate high-frequency noise. They can also be used for dampening on cameras or other electronic parts.

Great for using with cars. Depending on size they can be used for shocks, diffs, engines or any other sealing or dampening application.

These quality silica O-rings come in a number of different colors.

Material: Silica
Inside Diameter: 3.0mm
Outside Diameter: 6.5mm
Thickness: 2.0mm
Quantity: 10

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