DC 24V 45×35mm Ultrasonic Atomizer Air Humidifier

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DC 24V 45×35mm Ultrasonic Atomizer Air Humidifier

DC 24V 45×35mm Ultrasonic Atomizer Air Humidifier


Operating Voltage 24 (V)
Power 19 (W)
Atomization Amount > 400cc / har
Operating Frequency 1700 ± 50 (KHZ)
Transducer Plates Diameter 2cm
Effective Level 20mm ~ 75mm
Working Temperature 5 ~ 45 ℃
Lantern No light water level sensor switch
Font Door High 12mm
Atomizing Head Diameters 45mm
High 35mm
Plug Type 5.5 × 2.1mm female plug
Suitable For Family, air-conditioned rooms, beauty salons, hotels, hospitals, offices, kindergartens,Kara OK rooms and other living spaces.

How to use:
1. Find a container mounted on the clean water, pure water is not available, the atomizing head flat on a container filled with water
2. Depth enough to cover the atomizing head side door black font 1-2CM appropriate level sensor, the water is too deep will not fog
3. Turn on the power, you can spray. Paying attention that the power is not splashed water

1. A single spray head can not be used, can be equipped with the power 24V 800MA.
2. Do not contain too much or less water, the best level is 2-7CM.

Packing Included:
1x Ultrasonic Atomizer

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