4 Button 433MHz Garage Gate Key Remote Control For 62730 62733 70241 BD2 BD4 B&D

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4 Button 433MHz Garage Gate Key Remote Control For 62730 62733 70241 BD2 BD4 B&D


4 Button 433MHz Garage Gate Key Remote Control For 62730 62733 70241 BD2 BD4 B&D

1.It is durable and convenient.
2.Simple design and easy to use.
3.Control up to 4 doors.
4.Button Slide Protector and LED indicator.
Color: Black
Size(approx.): 60.8mm/2.39”(L) x 29.2mm/1.15”(W) (Detail size as shown in the picture)
Material: Plastic and aluminum alloy
Frequency: 433MHz
Coding Type: Rolling
Battery :3V CR battery
Fitment: (The Compatibility Is Just For Reference. Please Compare The Follows With Your Original One before Purchasing!)
Replaces Remote Models: 62730/62733/70241/BD2/BD4/CAD615/CAD616/TB2/TB4/TB5
Replaces the following motors:
B&D Tri-Tran openers only.
B&D Control-A-Door P.
B&D Control-A-Door P Diamond.
B&D Control-A-Door P Diamond Whisper Quite.
B&D Control-A-Door Diamond Power Drive (RDO-1V3 ONLY).
Will Not work with older motors which still use the SecureCode 433MHz or old 27MHz TX remotes.
Will Not work with motors which have been installed after June 2014 using the new style B&D remote.
Not compatible if using a remote with grey coloured buttons.
How to copy the original remote(for reference only)
1.Remove code
press the LOCK (NO.A/NO.1) and UNLOCK (NO.B/NO.2) button at the same time, and the LED indicator will flash 3 times then off. After this, keep hold the LOCK(NO.A or NO.1) and release the UNLOCK (NO.B or NO.2) button and press the UNLOCK (NO.B or NO.2) button 3 times, the duplicator led indicator will flash quickly, that means it remove the exist code successful. Now you can come to the next step to copy now.
2.Copy original remote
Pls take the original remote and duplicatoras close as possible. Then press one of button from original and one of them from duplicator at the same time, you will see the led indicator flash 2times,then fast flash ,that is copying original remote successful.
In case you remove the code you have copied by accident, Don’t worry , you can press the last two button MUTE (NO.C/NO.3) and LEVIN (NO.D/NO.4) button at the same time ,the led indicator flash 3 times then fast flash, the code you have recovery and you can continue to use.
Package included:
1 x 433MHz Garage Gate Key Remote Control (with battery)

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