AC 110V-220V Smart Digital WIFI Temperature Controller Thermostat ℃/℉

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AC 110V-220V Smart Digital WIFI Temperature Controller Thermostat ℃/℉


AC 110V~220V Digital WIFI Temperature Controller Thermostat ℃/℉

Function description:
This is a remote control with WIFI temperature control socket, as long as the phone or tablet can control the Internet, support IOS or Android system of smart phones, application APP in the major markets are downloaded,
1. The phone can be used to control the remote temperature and outlet open or close, set the parameters of the thermostat.
2. The temperature and parameters of real-time update, APP can be viewed at any time.
3. Can be set to APP can only view, can not control mode.
Temperature control function:
Temperature range: -50 to 110℃ /-58 to 230℉, you can set the ℃/℉ display mode.
1 degree /0.1 control resolution can be switched.
Cooling or heating mode can be set.
Any stop temperature and boot temperature settings.
Return difference 1-25 degree can be adjusted.
Time delay starting function, adjustable 0-30 minutes.
Temperature adjust upper and lower limits limit function.
With over temperature alarm function, the buzzer alarm.
With power down and data storage function.
Relay electric shock current 8A.
The maximum power consumption: less than 2W
Degree measurement error: less than + 0.5
Working environment temperature: -20 degrees Celsius to 80
Package includes:
1 x WIFI Temperature Control Socket
1 x Power cord
1 x sensor

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