Micro CC3D Open Source DIY Brushed Flight Control Board for 720 8520 Coreless Motors

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Micro CC3D Open Source DIY Brushed Flight Control Board for 720 8520 Coreless Motors
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Micro CC3D H-type Open Source DIY Brushed Flight Control Board for 720 8520 Coreless Motors


Wheelbase: 100*100mm
Motor: 720/8520 Coreless motor (Optional)
Control Distance: Within 100 meters
Working voltage: 1S 3.5V Lipo Battery
Lighting system: with 1206 LED lights


1.Front added 1206 LED car headlights, and reserved control interface, have a better flight effect, and it easily identify head and tail of the flight control.
2.Main control chip with STM32F103CBT6, clocked 72M, has a rich peripheral interface, but also set the SN74LVC1 serial to protected the chip.
3.The spiral instrument adopts high precision MPU6000, its speed and precision is better than MPU6050.
4.PCB reserved control interface, can be bind with other remote control.
5.With "H" type, flight control panel area have largest hollow, symmetrical and beautiful, the greatest degree of reduce the weight of the flight control,Ingenious design, has good mobility.
6.Compatible with PPM,SBUS transmitter, like WFLY, walkera, Flysky, etc..

Hardware configuration:

Main control chip: STM32F103,RAM chip of the M3 core
Sensor: MPU6000, high precision gyroscope
LED: Easy to prompt a various operating conditions of flight controller,and increased night vision appearance.
PCB circuit board: homemade circuit board, stable and reliable
BAT54C: USB and battery separate, the protection of the computer motherboard upgrade
M25P16: CC3D original FLASH storage chip
IP4256: receiver channel protection chip, protected the main control of the I0 port
SN74LVC86DCKR: serial UBUS chip
LP2992: CC3D original, 3.3V voltage regulator chip
LTC3200: 3.3V boost 5V to the receiver, so that the receiver more stable
Resistance capacitance: are 0603 packages, conducive to welding, but also conducive to reducing the wiring area
SI2302: board MOS drive motor
8M crystal oscillator: MURATA CRYSTAL, more conducive to welding, more stable
USB, wireless module: the use of chip package, to reduce the weight of aircraft
TP4056: board integrated battery charger, fly over the battery can be charged directly connected to the phone data line
STCI5W204: integrated receiver with voltage feedback

Package included:
1 x CC3D Brushed Flight Control Board


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