9550 FD wireless doorbell DC Chime Welcome Door Bell Wireless Alarm new and high quality

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Receiver: 2 *No. 5 battery, / emitters: 1 *12 V battery

Exchange the bell: 9510 HA, 9520 HA

Receiver: 3 V/emitters: 1*12 V battery


1. Easy to install, without dragging line,

2. Digital quartz crystal, segmentation repeat rate 1/10000,

3. Remote distance can reach 100 M-150 M open

4. Less power consumption, including 1 day 12 v battery.

5. Features: when the music sounded, 3 kinds of color of the scrolling ablaze with dance,

Let the old man or some people can't hear know the bell is ringing.

Package included:

1*9550 FD wireless doorbell DC

1*Installation Accessories

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