ENC28J60 Ethernet Module for Kingduino

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The ENC28J60 Ethernet Module utilizes the new Microchip ENC28J60 Stand-Alone Ethernet Controller IC featuring a host of features to handle most of the network protocol requirements. The board connects directly to most microcontrollers with a standard SPI interface with a transfer speed of up to 20MHz.

• ENC28J60 Ethernet chips, SOP28 package 
• SPI Interface 
• 1×10 connector, can be easily mounted with the MCU 
• Built-in isolation transformer RJ45 connectors HR911102A 
• Power LED 
• Single Supply: +3.3 V 
• 25Mhz Crystal 

Dimensions: 60x35x17mm 
Weight: 14.5g

*Note: This is not an original Arduino brand product.

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